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Published on Apr 9, 2021

Life can be hard. It is hard when we accept situations the way they are without aiming for improvement.

Life has also been hard for the countless FREEIAM rebels who have been using the FREEIAM web app day by day: it meant to go through a process of opening the mobile browser, typing in (the FREEIAM web URL), and signing in every time you wanted to access your favorite content.

At FREEIAM, we don't accept things the way they are without asking how we can make them better.

Using the FREEIAM web app on your phone has been a burden for many people, which is why we have worked hard to bring your favorite app right into your pocket, a single tap away.

This is an excellent day for FREEIAM and its community.

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Welcome to the rest of your life. Welcome to FREEIAM! 🕊

Freeiam is a self-actualization, personal development, and self-mastery community filled with social disruptors, free-thinkers, and dreamers dedicated to getting the most out of this thing we call life.

Free yourself from endless expectations, smash your fears, and accelerate building your dream life.