Reality Shifting - How it works

Published on Sep 29, 2020

Reality shifting is used to project your existence into a different realm and is occurs with every decision we make. It is a way for you to move closer to a desired or ‘dream’ reality. As a result, it is a process that continues to occur until you ascertain this desired reality.

The premise is that at any point in time, there exists multiple realities that you can experience. However, like a TV, whilst countless channels are playing simultaneously, you are only able to experience one of them. Note that this is not a form of disillusionment because the idea is that you are the owner of this TV remote and you are changing the channel, changing your reality into another one that is desired.

The core idea of reality shifting is that it helps one move towards a more pleasant reality where you can foster positive emotions which you would not otherwise be able to generate in your current reality. In doing so, it hopefully allows you to deal with the present, harsher reality with greater tolerance and positivity until the desired reality is achieved in due time.

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